Children’s author, Sally Rippin and Coffee Peddler, Patrick Verdon, have collaborated to create Story Peddlers – a mini-performance space that pops up out of a bike on any surface and within a couple of hours. It is hand-made, low–fi, warm and inviting, and the idea behind it is to bring back the art of the roving storyteller.

The tent is six metres in diameter with a 3.5m head height. It comes with a stage, microphones and lighting, as well as a soft surface floor and cushions to sit on. Closed, it comfortably holds around fifty seated children and up to seventy adults with the sides open. It is water-proof, flame-proof and weighted down to withstand all weather.

Story Peddlers celebrates the idea of ‘story’ in all its forms and for all ages, from traditional fables, folklore and fantasy to poetry slams and debate. Everything from personal experiences to crafted opinions on topical issues. Talk to us about providing a single storyteller for your event or programming an entire festival.

Story Peddlers can be set up within two hours on any surface and be gone an hour later.

If you want to catch us – you’d better be quick!

Story Peddlers are thrilled to be part of this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival again.

We have a full day of fantastic children’s activities lined- up as well as our Story Peddler Story Slam.

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Children’s Program for Sunday September 4th, 2016

10 – 10.45am: Terry Yeboah – Traditional African fables with a twist

11 – 11.45am: Fiona Harris & Mike McLeish – Musical Story Mash-Ups

12 – 12.45pm: Angela Crocombe – Children’s Bibliotherapist

1 – 1.45pm: Terry Yeboah – Traditional African fables with a twist

2 – 2.45pm: Fiona Harris & Mike McLeish – Musical Story Mash-Ups

3 – 3.45pm: Angela Crocombe – Children’s Bibliotherapist


Terry Yeboah, fresh from playing Banzai, the giggling hyena from The Lion King, will be recounting the traditional tales he grew up listening to as a child in Ghana, but adding his own humorous twist. Come along and discover who really is the smartest animal in the jungle. It might not be who you think!

Fiona Harris & Mike McLeish are both well-known comedy writers and stage performers, but for this years writers’ festival they will be creating a crazy musical story with random words pulled out of a hat and a few helpful props. They need your help!

Bibliotherapy is all the rage for adults, but who says kids don’t need to be matched with the right book? Come along and confide your dreams, fears or deepest secrets to Readings children’s book specialist, Angela Crocombe, and she will find the perfect book for you. (Bibliotherapy sessions are free but bookings are essential – put your name down on the list outside the tent on the day.)


Valanga Khoza Sally Rippin Tent

Story Peddlers’ Gig for the ASRC & 100 Story Building

Sally Rippin and Valanga Khoza perform in the Story Peddlers tent at the Footscray community ampitheatre for an ASRC and 100 Read More

Jackie String Story

Jackie Kerin Weaves A String Story.

Jackie Kerin, one of Melbourne’s most celebrated storytellers weaving her magic for the City of Whittlesea’s cultural festival.


Scotch College Literature Festival

Sausage Dog Productions join Madame Mystique and Monsieur Obscure in the Story Peddler’s tent at Scotch College literature festival.


Madame Mystique and Monsieur Obscure

Our alter-egos come out to play at the Scotch College Literary Festival 2015.



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Sally Rippin has over fifty books published, many of them award-winning, including the best-selling Billie B Brown and Hey Jack! Read More